What is a good detox for 5 days?

Q) What’s a good detox for 5 days? I’m trying to lose like 10 pounds – please do you have any suggestions?

A) The best detox for 5 days is Phase 1 of The Harcombe Diet. It is designed to be just 5 days long as this is all the time it takes to rid the body of foods which are causing you to retain water and crave certain foods. The record weight loss for these 5 days is still 14 pounds, so I hope you lose most of what you want to in a short time.

For 5 days you eat nothing other than meat, fish, eggs, vegetables (except mushrooms and potatoes), salads, natural live yoghurt and up to 50g (dry weight) of brown rice. You can drink unlimited water, herbal teas and decaf coffee or decaf tea.
All is fully explained in the sources below – I’ve put in a link to free downloads on Phase 1.

Good luck – Zoe


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