Maggie’s transformation

“My name is Maggie, I am married with three children, one grandchild and another one on the way.  I have battled with my weight all my life.

You name it, I’ve tried it – cabbage soup diet, grapefruit diet, F Plan, Weightwatchers, Slimming World… I even worked as a Rosemary Conley Diet and Fitness Instructor for 5 years. The trouble was, as soon as I stopped, guess what? I put it all back on, and then some more.

I found Zoë’s details online whilst nursing a slipped disc in early 2013 and I was unable to carry out my normal activities. Of course I was very down about my weight as I was, by now, weighing in at 14 stone 8lbs (204lb) and my height is 5’6.

So I watched the Phase 1 video on Youtube along with the videos about Candida, Food Intolerance and Hypoglycaemia and I definitely recognised the symptoms that Zoë explained so clearly. I thought I had nothing to lose, apart from quite a bit of weight, so I started Phase 1 and I soon lost 10 pounds”.

“I was absolutely delighted and started Phase 2 with a positive energy I’d never felt before.  I continued to lose during phase 2 and I am now totally happy at my current weight of 11 stone 4lb (158lb).

Getting my weight under control has given me renewed confidence to face the world again. I used to make all kind of excuses not to go out and my ‘after’ pic was taken on a recent holiday in Lanzarote, when I wore a bikini for the first time since my teens.

Today, I am happy, healthy and determined to stay that way and I can’t thank The Harcombe Diet® enough”.

So determined is Maggie to help others get off the yo-yo dieting trap that she’s set up a local club, in her town of Leicester, where you can go and get help and support from Maggie and others.

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  1. avatar Jane

    Hi I lost 4 stone on THD in 2014 but it’s all gone back on plus some. I struggled to give up potatoes & missed sandwiches. Still think it was a good way of eating . Would love to try again . I’m in Derbyshire don’t know any clubs doing Harcombe diet near me what advice can you give me to try again &for long term sustainability. I am a fussy eater confinement salad vegetables curry or offal

  2. avatar Barbara

    Hi Maggie, I have tried Zoe diets before and lost a stone but unfortunately I have put it all back on again. I am turning 50 in November and would like to loose 2 stone before my party. My husband also would like to loose at 5 stone if possible. We live in Spain and there are no clubs here that relate to Zoe’s diet plans. would you be able to give me some advise. Look forward to hearing from you. Barbara Clancy

  3. avatar Sarah

    Your story is such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing.

    I started the harcombe phase 1 last year 2014 for some reason I couldn’t continue – I was going through a dreadful time and had stress and depression.
    I have put on more weight but I know the harcombe diet works so I am going to try again.

    Thank you

  4. avatar Maureen

    Hi I have just read your inspiring review

    Could you please advise me what books to get to start the harcombe diet and where I can find recipes in order to make sure I will eat the food in the recipes – dont like couscous or hummus you see

    I have a condition called PMR polymyalgia rheumatica and am taking steroids at the moment and i have the cheeks of a chipmunk and the body of a sumo due to the fact the steroids make you crave carbs and the fact that the steroids do make your face funny and your tummy very bloated and i really hate the way i look so am desperate to see if this diet will help with the cravings and help me lose weight.Also due to this condition I am extremely tired most of the day and am unable to exercise – some days even walking is too painful – that said once you get your muscles working and if you walk regularly I should be able to most days do a little bit of walking.

    I look forward to getting an email from you and thank you for your help

    Well done on your brilliant weight loss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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