The Conditions

Hypoglycaemia & food cravings

Hypoglycaemia is literally a Greek translation from “hypo” meaning ‘under’, “glykis” meaning ‘sweet’ and “emia” meaning ‘in the blood together’. The three bits all put together mean low blood sugar. Hypoglycaemia describes the state your body is in if your blood sugar levels are too low. When your blood sugar levels are too low, this

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Food Intolerance & food cravings

Food Intolerance means, simply, not being able to tolerate a particular food. This is different to Food Allergy – Food Allergy is the serious, life threatening, condition where people have a nut, or strawberry allergy, for example. Food Intolerance develops when you have too much of a food and too often and your body just

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Candida and food cravings

Candida is a yeast, which lives in all of us, and is normally kept under control by our immune system and other bacteria in our body. It usually lives in the digestive system. Candida has no useful purpose. If it stays quiet and in balance, it causes no harm. If Candida multiplies out of control,

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