Honey is a more natural product than sugar and it has some (small) nutritional value, so I’m less anti-honey than I am anti-sugar. However, it is still a processed product and it is 100% carbohydrate – it doesn’t even contain protein. In this respect it is in the same league as sugar and best avoided.

Unlike sugar, which has no water content, the water content of honey is approximately 18%. This means that 100g of honey has 82g of carbohydrate – you barely need a tablespoon of honey to be clocking up more grams of carbohydrate than in a whole 100g bar of dark chocolate.

The nutritional value in honey is negligible. There are traces of B vitamins and a few minerals, but this is not a nutritious product. You’ll see all kinds of marketing claims that “raw” honey is the bees’ knees (ha ha), but the facts show that it is not a nutritious carbohydrate, whatever is claimed.