Here are the 10 most frequently asked questions about the diet:

Can I eat avocados?
In Phase 1, no, because an avocado is a fruit.
In Phase 2, in a 100g portion of avocado, there are 15g of fat and 9g of carbohydrate … Read more

Is honey OK?
Honey is a more natural product than sugar and it has some (small) nutritional value, so I’m less anti-honey than I am anti-sugar. However, it … Read more

Can I have sweeteners/sugar substitutes?
My advice would be not to eat artificial sweeteners because this book is all about a) eating naturally and b) getting rid of cravings. Let us look at each of these … Read more

Can I have Soya milk?
Ideally no. The concern I have with soy(a) milk is much more about health, than weight. It is made by soaking dry soybeans and grinding them with … Read more

Can I have Quorn? What is it made of? (Also known as Mycoprotein)
“Myco” is the Greek word for “Fungi”, so Mycoprotein is effectively a fungus based protein. Immediately we can say that this is not good for anyone suffering … Read more

Can I have Tofu? Is it a carb or fat?
Tofu comes from the soybean, just as cheese comes from milk. In 100g of Tofu there are 4g of fat and less than 1g of carbohydrate. So it is more … Read more

Are nuts and seeds allowed?
Nuts, seeds (and whole milk and avocados) are rare foods that have fat and carbohydrate in reasonable quantities. Most foods are carb/proteins or fat/proteins … Read more

What is hummus? What is that classed as?
Hummus is the Arabic word for chickpea, so this is the main ingredient in Hummus. Chickpeas are carbs, but Hummus is often made in a base of (olive) … Read more

What about sweet potatoes? Are they the same as normal potatoes?
Yes. They should be treated as a staple carb, not as a ‘free vegetable’. Sweet potatoes are actually higher in carbohydrate than normal potatoes (that shouldn’t … Read more

Should I have natural yoghurt with a fat meal or a carb meal?
If you have a fat meal you can have any kind of natural yoghurt – even full fat Greek yoghurt if you like it (or crème fraiche or fromage … Read more