Top tips for Christmas

Decide your end in mind The starting point for any festive period (or holiday) is to make a conscious choice before the Christmas celebrations (or the annual cruise) – do you want to exercise some restraint/caution and avoid weight gain or are you content to relax healthy eating for a while and deal with the

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Low carb athletes

We get quite a few queries from athletes about the best way to manage low carb eating with activity and performance. Our main area of interest is in helping overweight people to lose weight, so please forgive us for not putting the same research effort into athletes wanting to lose some pounds and optimise performance.

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The Eatwell Plate – Harcombe Diet Style

The Eatwell Plate

Forget all the complex segments of the UK eatwell plate, filled with processed and sugary junk and affectionately known to Harcomber’s as ‘The Eatbadly Plate’, this photo is all the visual guidance you need. Get a large plate, half fill it with meat and half fill it with greens and devour until satiated. There are

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Cholesterol special plus free report

Whether you’re a newcomer to The Harcombe Diet or a lifetime member, you will, no doubt, have been challenged on the subject of cholesterol and told that it should be lowered as far as possible, primarily with drugs. In this newsletter, we’re pulling together some of the most important blogs posts, articles and resources on

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