zoe harcombe

How much a constant weight person varies day-to-day

Hi everyone Here are the results of my weighing every day experiment. I hope they help you!… I have so many communications with people who say they’ve gained or lost a pound overnight and they are either pleased or upset and I advise people NOT to weigh every day because natural variations in the body’s

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Classic Chocolate Mousse

Classic chocolate mousse

If you love chocolate this recipe is to die for. You can stand a spoon up in it and it will give you a chocolate high like you can’t imagine. It is also as close to the rules of this book as chocolate can get as it is a fat meal in essence. Eat it

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What Are Transfats?

Q) What are transfats and why are they considered so bad? A) All fats consist of chain-like molecules. In animal fats these chains are very flexible but the molecules in vegetable oils have rigid kinks, which make them less flexible. The animal fats, with the flexible chains, are solid at room temperature. The vegetable oils,

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