What is my ideal weight?

Q) What is the ideal weight for a female of 5’1 for you?

A) One of the best measures we have to work out ideal weight is Body Mass Index (a relationship between your weight and height). It’s not perfect but it could give you a useful guide.

The normal BMI range is 18.5 to 24.9. For your height this would mean your lowest ‘normal’ weight would be 98lbs and your highest 132lbs – that’s quite a range!

At the most recent obesity conference I attended, 21 was being called the ideal BMI. For your height, this would mean an ideal weight of 111lbs – just about 8 stone.

I’s also about how old you are (don’t try and cut down if you may still be growing) and I believe we all have a natural weight – a weight that we can quite easily maintain without starving ourselves. e.g. I don’t think Posh Spice is at her natural weight!

Hope this helps
All the best – Zoe

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