Walk the dog or go to the gym?!

The following research was commissioned by Butcher’s Dog Food food:

A study of more than 1,500 dog owners and gym goers found that the average gym goer covers 468 miles per year and the average dog walker does 676 miles per year. That’s 208 more for the dog walkers! Dog owners apparently walk the equivalent distance of Bangkok to London over their pet’s lifetime.

Dog owners are also more likely to stick to their routine, as the dog doesn’t let up until you take it out!

If you can offer a good home to a dog and commit to walking him or her regularly, this could be the biggest win win ever – for your stress levels and overall health and for that of your new best friend!

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  1. avatar Aimee Lister

    Hi I tend to eat low carb most of the time – for sweet treats I make my own raw food “brownies” using nuts, agave, cocoa nibs,dates and coconut oil – would you suggest avoiding this due to sugar content?

  2. avatar cheryl

    This is fantastic news….I have a English Springer Spaneil….She keeps me off the sofa thats for sure….and she can go for miles and miles…and never lets up…..

    Great advice….Thanks bunches Cheryl


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