Health and nutrition is so important to me, I’m making it my profession

Ellen has had a keen interest in nutrition since developing a gluten allergy in her early teens.  This year, she took the bold step to end her career in the media to concentrate on her nutrition education, so that she can help others to obtain optimum health. We recently caught up with Ellen as she prepared to start her new business in Milford Haven in January.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I was diagnosed with a gluten allergy 13 years ago and ever since have been personally studying the affects that food has on our body, This year I decided to follow my heart and left my 10 year career in radio to set up a nutrition company – I’ve recently qualified as a nutritionist and have a huge passion to educate people in nutrition along with supporting them every step of the way.
I live in Milford Haven with my husband and little daughter.

How and when did you find out about Zoe and The Harcombe Diet?
I’ve been reading Zoe’s books for years, and always had a copy of one next to my bed. Having struggled with my weight for many years, The Harcombe Diet has helped me overcome binge eating and maintain a 4 stone weight loss.

What attracted you to The Harcombe Diet?
I love everything it stands for. It’s all about real food for real people and, as a nutritionist, it makes my job seem so easy as the eating plan tends to heal so many symptoms. With simple phases, no counting calories and easy to follow ‘rules’, it makes a lot of common sense.

What has been the biggest benefit to you (and/or your family)?
I can eat really tasty food and manage to feel and look great – and my family and friends love tasting new recipes I come up with. It’s also meant an end to weighing and I no longer weigh myself every single day.

What are your goals for your project?
I’m determined to help people through Phase1 by providing Harcombe Diet retreats in the beautiful county of Pembrokeshire, using local produce to create tasty and wholesome meals and using the natural coastline for the back drop of our natural gym. This is a retreat not a bootcamp, I want people to relax and enjoy the learning we have to offer.

Do you have any advice to others?
My advice would be to follow your heart and if you have a passion about something then do something about it!  Enjoy the lovely foods that mother nature created and don’t be afraid to stand up to others.

Where can people find out more about you?
Ellen: I’ll be posting information about our weekly sessions on my Facebook page ( ) and you can find out about retreats on my website, . All my contact details are there so do get in touch if you’d like to come along.

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Website Comments

  1. avatar Rosie

    I am a yoga and meditation teacher. I have been following Zoe’s blogs and recipes for a number of years – eating natural, real food fits in with the yogic teachings. I am planing to run some sessions combining yoga with mindfulness and dietary advice, much of which ties up with The Harcombe Diet. Would it be OK if I use some of your recipe/diet ideas and point my students to the Harcombe website.

  2. avatar Sara Alderman

    Hi , I was one of Ellen’s first clients and have never looked back. I have lost 35 lbs and have ever felt better. Apart from the weight loss my hair and skin are so much better and even my golf has improved! I sleep better and now I have my sister on the plan but need to get back on track as she is catching me up.

  3. avatar Anna Davies

    I’m 65 in Nov felt like 85 and 4st overweight painful joints and unable to get out of the bath, since meeting Ellen my joints and my weight has improved emencly. I started in Feb this year and I have shed almost 2st feeling great & looking healthy, I totally believe this is the right path so make your way down the Harcombe way!.. Thank you Ellen YOU have helped me turn my body clock back 20 yrs 🙂 XX

    • avatar Jan Eldridge

      Well done Anna, you are an inspiration, if you can do it so could I. I wish Ellen came to mid Wales too I would certainly sign on for some sessions for encouragement. I went on THD in 2011 and lost a stone but the club closed. I know it works and I know I need to keep off bread and sugar, what I need is one to one monitoring to keep me on track. Best wishes on your HD journey.


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