phase 3

Avocado with Egg ‘Mayonnaise’


This is a quick and nutritious snack or light meal that takes no more than 10 minutes to prepare and make – and that includes hard-boiling the egg. Make sure you use a nice ripe avocado as you’ll be eating this with a spoon, scooping out the flesh of the avocado along with some of

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Classic Chocolate Mousse

Classic chocolate mousse

If you love chocolate this recipe is to die for. You can stand a spoon up in it and it will give you a chocolate high like you can’t imagine. It is also as close to the rules of this book as chocolate can get as it is a fat meal in essence. Eat it

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Can I eat Avocados?

Q) Can I eat avocados? A) In Phase 1, no, because an avocado is a fruit. In Phase 2, in a 150g portion of avocado, there are 23g of fat and 11g of carbohydrate. Avocados are, therefore, higher in fat than carbs, but have quite high levels of both. This means you should eat them

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