Oatmeal Smoothie

Forget complex juicing and sugar-laden fruit smoothies. This is as quick as it gets to make a nutritious start to the day, or a quick lunch on the go. It really only takes 30 seconds. Try it.


4 tablespoons oatmeal (natural porridge oats – not the jumbo ones)
100ml Natural Live Yoghurt


1 In a food processor, blend the oats for ten seconds (this reduces them down to be more powder-like).
2 Fold in the NLY until you have a smooth, paste type texture.
3 Scoop out and serve.

Serves 1, Phase 1

Option: For a similarly quick Phase 2 variant, add some strawberries or blueberries to the smoothie.
Tip: Make a larger batch and keep in the fridge for an even quicker version.

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Website Comments

  1. avatar Vicky

    Hello I’ve been following harcombe for 2 weeks now 100% I have just got weighed and haven’t lost a pound? How can this be?

    • avatar Andy

      There can be many reasons for no weight loss to cover in a short reply. Are you a club members? If not, drop me an email through clubadmin and we’ll help you out through there. If you are, please post a note in ‘Ask Zoe’

  2. avatar Vicky

    Please can you tell me why you can have porridge and NLY on phase 2? I thought this would be mixing?

  3. avatar Sue Angell

    I am starting phase 2 and as I have an easiyo yoghurt maker can you tell me if it is ok to use this for yoghurt or not

    • avatar Murray

      I think the only ‘suspect’ ingredient in the Easiyo packets is the lecithin (from soy), but this is in tiny quantities. Obviously the flavoured packets are full of sugars from the fruits – I use the “Natural, Unsweetened” (full fat) version.

  4. avatar Craig W

    Hiya. I’m phase 2ing and enjoying myself, nearly shed a stone in three weeks. Can I use full fat NLY with this or do I need low fat NLY. Does the inclusion of berries or cinnamon make a differences? Cheers!

    • avatar Andy

      Full fat NLY is fine, and by far the tastiest. A couple of berries added during Ph2 is usually fine, but don’t go overboard with either.

  5. avatar Sharon

    I’m currently a week into phase 1. I’ve been having porridge oats with my NLY on a morning. Should this be a low fat NLY? thank you

  6. avatar emma

    Hi …I have been on the diet since last Monday and have lost 3 lb which is great. I have about 4.5/5 stone to loose …how long should I stay on phase 1?

    • avatar Andy

      You can stay on Ph1 for as long as you like. 5 days is the minimum and many people find 2-4 weeks works for them when they get into it.

  7. avatar Kim

    I am dairy intolerant, can I use soya yoghurt in all of the recipes that call for NLY and soya milk instead of skimmed?

    • avatar Andy

      Hi Kim,
      we wouldn’t recommend anything soya based. You could try goats yoghurt, which some can tolerate, or leave out or skip those recipes.

      • avatar Rachel Booth

        thanks – lining this up for brekkie tomorrow. Am doing well so far moving into day 8 tomorrow and 9lb down to date. Hoping reintro-ing more carbs doesn’t halt progress too much which i what I have found previously. Keeping a tight eye on them and trying to stick to fat based meals at the moment

  8. avatar Marcia

    I am on week one and am looking at the recipes. On day 7 we are told to have a Harcombe Protein Shake. I looked up the recipe – it features decaf ground coffee, which I cannot stand. Is there any other ingredient I can use to make the Harcombe Protein Shake? Thank you for your help.


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