Roast Chicken & Garlic

Roast Chicken and Garlic

The simple roast chicken can be vastly improved by stuffing it with cloves of peeled garlic or fresh lemons. Allow 6-8 cloves of garlic or 1 whole lemon, cut in quarters, for a medium sized chicken. Cook on gas mark 4 for 60-90 minutes. Cook ‘up-side-down’ for the first 30 minutes for the juices to penetrate the breast meat and then turn over. Serve with a selection of vegetables in the winter or a mixed salad in the summer.

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  1. avatar Laura

    Hi Eva
    I am a vegetarian how do I adapt some of your recipes as I don’t eat eggs or fish aswell as any meat. Do you have a recipe book for phase 1, 2 and 3 for vegetarians?
    Kind Regards

  2. avatar Nikki

    Hi zoë,

    I’m really confused! What kind of hidden things do I have to look for in chicken?
    I’ve got some ‘fresh’ chicken breast here and it has traces of salts and sugars in?

  3. avatar stuart

    Hi Zoe, still doing really good on the diet but i really miss some of my favourite Greek dishes. I’ve been able to change most of them to fit the diet rules but its things like spanekopita (feta and spinach pie ) i can eat the inside with the rules its just the pastry any suggestions from you or your other dieters would be most appreciated


  4. avatar Clare

    Hello Zoe….I am abut to start the five day plan. I am intolerant to wheat, and milk, so normally replace these with wheat free things, and use rice milk. Can I use rice milk which is probably carbs, and make a white sauce for chicken?? If not what would you recommend using in place of cows milk? I can’t take soya. Many thanks, Clare

  5. avatar beth

    i am coming to the end of day 4 of phase 1, and i have started readint the book, and i have to agree that i have not felt hungry once, i have found it quite easy to stick to, but im looking for some basic everyday ideas on what to eat on phase 2 as my whole family will have to eat too?

  6. avatar eva colon

    hey I am another eva …………..I am trying to lose weight fast because i want to join the military in January and I have the exercise down packed the eating is the problem so i am being phase one are all the dishes here for phase 1 because i didn’t see you mention chicken for phase one

    • avatar Andy

      Hi Eva (2)! Chicken is fine for Phase 1. This recipe is fine for Phase 1. Do you have a copy of the main diet book? Stop Counting Calories & Start Losing Weight? That will tell you everything you need to know and/or you can get a free intro to the diet and 10-day plan if you register with the on line support club
      Just as a tip – watching WHAT you put in your mouth (if you eat the right things, in the right way, how much doesn’t even matter) is magnitudes more important than exercise for weight loss. Get the eating right and you don’t need to exercise; get the eating wrong and no amount of exercise can compensate.
      Good luck with the military!
      Best wishes – Zoe
      (p.s. managed to log in as hubby again!)

  7. avatar EVA

    Have just purchased your diet book and was considering purchasing the recipe book and would be grateful if you could tell me if it has any additional recipes which are not contained in the diet book as from the preview of the contents page on the Amazon site they appear to be identical.

    • avatar Zoë

      Hi Eva! Yes – the diet book has about 20 recipes in – the ones needed to do Phase 1/Phase 2 for planners and then the recipe book includes these for convenience and has about 250 more.
      Best wishes – Zoe

  8. avatar Zoë

    Hi Aimee – we’ve set up a club to help with all queries: please come and join us at – lots of help on hand!
    Best wishes – Zoe
    For a quick answer on this – the lemon goes in the middle of the chicken – you’ll end up with a trace for flavour and that’s it – makes no difference…

  9. avatar Aimee

    Hi, just a question, isn’t lemon a fruit. Making it a carbohydrate, and the chicken is a fat…??

  10. avatar eva

    Hi Zoe,
    Just a quick question regarding chicken wings… Is it ok to have them in all phases just plain with skin on, without sauce of any kind added? Can you recommend any recipes for them? Also just wanted to say your book is amazing, the diet is wonderful as so easy to stick to. Not like a diet at all. It’s totally changed my way of eating. Feeling so much better as a result of it. Thank you so much for writing it and most importantly discovering the reasons behind the way I had been living, bingeing and totally addicted to sugar, to the point where I have thought in the past that I was losing my mind…
    Many thanks in advance.

    • avatar Zoë

      Hi Eva – yes – plain chicken is great and eating the skin is fine too. The best recipe is the Cajun Spice blend in the recipe book. It’s one of my faves in the whole book. It takes 2 mins to make and then you can brush it on anything from aubergines and courgettes to meat or fish.
      Many thanks for your lovely comments about the diet
      Very best wishes – Zoe


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